Cate Blanchett argues against cancel culture, saying it leads to repeated mistakes

In a recent interview, award-winning actor Cate Blanchett expressed her concern about the negative impact cancel culture can have on society. She argued that we should not avoid reading older books, watching older movies, or studying historical events, even if they contain controversial or problematic content, as we need to understand the context in which they were created to prevent repeating the same mistakes.

Blanchett went on to use the example of the artist Picasso, who created great works of art but whose personal life would be deemed highly problematic by today’s standards. Blanchett believes that we should still appreciate his art and acknowledge the importance of healthy critique.

Blanchett’s latest film, TÁR, has faced criticism, with leading female conductor Marin Alsop accusing it of being anti-woman. However, Blanchett argues that the film tackles the issue of power and the corrupting nature it can have on individuals, regardless of gender. Blanchett believes that we can learn from such stories and use them to confront the existential challenges we face today.


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