How to Create a Poll on WhatsApp

Are you curious about what your loved ones think about a certain topic or situation? Want to get their input on where to go for dinner tonight? WhatsApp has got you covered. With its easy-to-use poll feature, you can quickly gather opinions and make informed decisions.

Creating a poll on WhatsApp is a breeze. Simply open the app and select any chat window. On iOS, tap the plus icon (+) next to the text box, while on Android, tap the paperclip icon. From there, select the "Poll" option and enter your question. You can add up to 12 options for your friends and family to choose from. Once you're finished, tap "Send" and the poll will be sent as an attachment in the chat window.

Not only are polls a great tool for making decisions, but they can also be used for fun and games. Ask light-hearted questions such as "Which emoji best describes your mood today?" or "What's your favorite color?" to get to know your friends better and spark conversations about shared interests.

Additionally, you can use polls for more traditional purposes, such as asking for opinions on restaurants or weekend plans. With real-time results tracking, it's easy to analyze responses and make a decision.

So, whether you're looking to make important decisions or just have some fun, WhatsApp polls are the perfect solution. Effortlessly gather opinions and make informed decisions with just a few taps.

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