10 Best Steampunk Anime Series & Movies

Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction that tells unique stories about societies based on the steam industry. Compared to other modern science fiction, it takes place in worlds that have followed a different path of technological development. Animation is the perfect medium for steampunk themed stories. In this article, we will explore the 10 best steampunk themed anime.

10- Steam Detectives

Steam Detectives is an anime series set in a steampunk universe where steam technology produces giant steam-powered robots called Magamatons, a prominent example of the steam-punk theme. Young detective Narutaki, his partner nurse Lingling, and robot Gohliki do their best to reduce the unexpectedly high crime rate in Steam City.

MyAnimelist Rating: 7.25

9- Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

The story of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress revolves around a virus that emerged during the industrial revolution, turning humans into zombies and the remaining humans seeking refuge in safe fortresses.

As human progress grinds to a halt due to the virus, people turn to steam-powered industry and rely heavily on coal to sustain their daily lives. In a post-apocalyptic world threatened by zombies, humanity is forced to conserve coal like water, creating an atmosphere that keeps the tension at a high level.

MyAnimelist Rating: 7.27

8- Metropolis

Metropolis is probably the most innovative anime of this genre, because it takes care to capture the traditional modern visual aesthetic of today.

A crazy mix of Osamu Tezuka's iconic manga and a 1927 movie, this anime offers a nice alternative for those looking for novelty.

Metropolis is the ultimate goal of Detective Shunsaku Ban and his nephew Kenichi as they set out to solve the mysteries of a city filled with underground conspiracy theories and judgments. While the plot is intriguing, what makes Metropolis beautiful is not the story, but the visuals. It is one of the rare anime that reflects the steampunk theme in an original and impressive way.

MyAnimelist Rating: 7.52

7- Princess Principal

Princess Principal, a rare modern anime utilizing a steampunk theme, is set in England in an alternate history of the 20th century. In this alternate history, England is divided in two as a result of the Cold War, and there is a class conflict between the common people and the elite. The anime follows a group of agents who infiltrate the Queen's prestigious Mayfair school.

MyAnimelist Rating: 7.69

6- Laputa: Castle In The Sky

Laputa is based on one of the legendary Hayao Miyazaki's favorite themes, steampunk: Castle In The Sky walks a fine line between innovation and primitiveness, taking the audience on a journey through cities powered by steam and coal.

MyAnimelist Rating: 8.26

5- Last Exile

Last Exile is a detailed and multifaceted steampunk-themed anime.

The anime follows the adventures of two couriers between two countries at war with each other. One of the features that makes Last Exile stand out from other fictional universes is that extra effort is made to make the world within it a real and naturally living world.

MyAnimelist Rating: 7.79

4- Violet Evergarden

Set in 20th century Western Europe in a fictional country called Leidenchaftlich, this anime is a great combination of futuristic technology and nostalgic retro themes. Our main character is a former child soldier and veteran who has to adapt to civilian life after losing his arms.

MyAnimelist Rating: 8.89

3- Howl's Moving Castle

Another one of Studio Ghibli's magnificent works, Howl's Moving Castle tells a love story set in a world where technology and magic work together.

MyAnimelist Score: 8.66

2- Steamboy

Katsuhiro Otomo's Steamboy is a steampunk love letter. This movie represents everything that can steal the hearts of steampunk lovers. Set in an alternate Victorian era, Steamboy takes place in a world where the world's geniuses come together to solve the energy problem. A device that can solve this energy problem, called the Steam Ball, is sent to young inventor Ray by his scientist grandfather, and so our story begins.

MyAnimelist Score: 7.32

1- Fullmetal Alchemist

Of course, at the top of our list is many people's favorite anime, Fullmetal Alchemist. Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the most popular anime in the world and is one of the series that was greatly inspired by the steampunk theme.

MyAnimelist Rating: 9.10


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